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cubetti porfido

The porphyry cubes are worked through splitting machines, where they are subdivided in different types according to their dimensions.
The dimension of the cubes is determinated from the slabs thickness they are obtained from. The surface is quarry natural and thanks to its light roughness it permits a comfortable walk.
The cubes are used expecially for paving streets, foot-pathes, avenues, squares and arcades.

The cubes are subdivided in the following dimensions:
4×6 – 6×8 – 8×10 – 10×12 – 12×14 – 14×18

Tiles with splitted surface

piastrelle porfido

The porphyry tiles are among the main materials used in construction for floors and walls . The tiles have resistance, remarkable aesthetic effect and a great resistance to climatic changes.
Porfido Trentino produces and offers different kinds of tiles:

Tiles with quarry natural splitted surface
The tiles with splitted sides are produced with the help of splitting machines.

Tiles with surface sawn side

piastrelle segate

Tiles with quarry natural surface sawn side
The tiles with quarry natural surface and sawn sides are available by choice from 15 to 40 cm.

Tiles with flamed surface sawn side
The surface of the flamed tiles is the quarry natural surface in what concerns the colour and its roughness very similar.

Tiles with polished surface sawn side
The tiles with polished surface and sawn sides are by choice from 20 to 50 cm wide and can be cut with free lengths or fixed measures.

Irregular Slabs

The irregular slabs are mainly used for paving courtyards, avenues, footh-pathes, terraces, to stone house-walls and as borders for swimming pools.
The irregular slabs are already obtained during the quarry first sorting. According to the thickness and the dimension of the slabs we can get the normal type, the thin type, the big type or the big/thin type.

Steps and stairs

The porphyry steps are produced either with quarry natural surface sawn and for 6 cm deep calibrated sides, or with finished surface, this means flamed or polished. The thickness of the steps with quarry natural surface are seldom or never regular. That’s why the sides in view have to be calibrated on the desired thickness. The steps can be ordered in free lengths, fixed measures or made on shapes.

The risers and the baseboards with quarry natural surface and sawn sides have a changeable thickness from 1 to 3 cm. The risers with finished surface on the contrary are regularly 1 or 2 cm thick. Both of them can be ordered in different heights.


The coverings and the windowsill have either a quarry natural or a flamed surface.
Its have generally free lengths and are available in the following breadths.


The kerbs are used to border footh-pathes, flowerbeds, staircases and all sort of pavings. On the basis of the working of the head surface we can distinguish the following types: kerbs with splitted head, quarry natural sides and splitted joint sides.