Porfido Trentino. Our history. Our values.

Among the several quarry companies existing in Italy, Porfido Trentino S.r.l. holds a leading place thanks to the qualified experience of its management and the professional ability of its staff, which is able to satisfy any request of its customer in a very short time.

Since its establishment in 1967 under the name “Pisetta Ilario & C. S.n.c.”, the company has always aimed at a constant technological and professional growth. In 1982 it changes its name and legal status to Porfido Trentino S.r.l.

In 1988 progress is made through the introduction of a laboratory specialized in natural stone processing, in order to integrate the production of splitted materials with the production of new fascinating materials with cut edges.

Porfido Trentino S.r.l. , located in Albiano, Possender locality, in the middle of the Alto Adige’s porphyry platform, can consequently boast a very large variety of porphyry products such as the cubes, irregular slabs and tiles with splitted sides, besides the other more sophisticated materials such as steps to stone stairs, or materials with polished and flamed surface which are specially indicated for indoor floorings and coverings. Porfido Trentino S.r.l. is a modern firm that has succeeded in blending tradition to innovation, by comparing itself to the secular human experience in mining and by taking advantage of this learning.

It is leader in this field not only because it exploits one of the best porphyry stone quarries in the Albiano area, called “Monte Gaggio”, but especially because it keeps under control the whole production cycle, this means from the extraction of raw materials, to the processing till to arrive to the marketing. The result is a top quality product that, upon request, can be supplied and paved by expert layers.

Thanks to its dynamic approach, to the state-of-the-art technology and above all to the senior experience and the professional activity of its operators, of the layers and of all the staff, Porfido Trentino S.r.l. is successfully operating in all European and International markets, as for example the USA, Australia and Japan.

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